With spring comes explosions of colour

Boxes, boxes everywhere.

I've discovered a fun way to indulge my passion for beautiful naturally coloured wood and my need for variety in my wood turning. These little boxes allow me to feature a few different woods at the same time, using every little scrap for lids, handles and even the wee spoons. I create different shapes and sizes depending on the wood grain and my imagined end use. Some also have carved out passages for my handcrafted spoons, ideal for salt, sugar or even jam to be presented in a fun way on your table. I've also experimented more with spindle turning and even veneering,  just a little.


About Kim Dagorne;

I take great delight in both turning and carving wood. They both started very close together over half a decade ago, though I have been carving or sculpting in a variety of small ways my whole life.

I spend many hours on each piece, from the selection of the wood to the physical creation itself, in order to finish with something I am proud to share with you.

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